six smiles.

Thanksgiving was a bit early this year, and I felt like we were given a little “bonus” week to prepare for holiday festivities.  I think this year I will actually have some time to really enjoy the moment because I got so much done over the last 2 weeks.  It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  Enjoy!


This message was on the floor of Children’s Hospital Waltham.  I love it.


Charles Street, Boston.


A “paint can” Christmas tree in the window of a hardware store


Tiny hand painted boxed filled with Christmas chocolates from Beacon Hill Chocolates


My ornament from the 70’s – miraculously still intact – shining on my Christmas tree.


A giant loaf of bread from Le Marche de Noël at the French Cultural Center in Boston


six smiles.

It’s baaaaackkk!  The holiday season.

What says “holiday” more than a big red satin bow?

Homemade place cards for the Thanksgiving table!

My nephew’s photo in the Boston Herald.  His team won the Cape Ann League Title…Go#7!

Tiffany & Co. window display at Copley Square in Boston

The expression on my little godchild’s face as her sisters lifted her up.  Captured!

Candy! while shopping on Black Friday

I’m thankful for all of my smiles!

six smiles.

Superstorm Sandy dominated the news here on the East Coast this week.  My heart and prayers go out to those whose worlds were devastated by the storm.  May we all pull together as one to help those affected rebuild their homes and lives.  Time marches on even when we want to press the “stop” button, and so we muster up the strength to move forward through crises.  Life has a way of making you keep looking forward and searching for reasons, albeit rare at times, to smile.

Our town weather Sandy fairly easily in comparison to others, and we found time to take a walk when the winds let up.  Puddles and boots!

the front porch on Halloween

Captain America!

school pictures came home.

homemade sugar cookies my 12-year-old made for a friend who lost her grandmother this week

A sweet reminder that winter is on its way.  Belle & Boo.