six smiles.

As the month of December rolls along, let’s try to be thankful for the everyday “stuff” that we have.  Let’s try to decrease the list of “stuff” we want.  I think we will feel really good about ourselves if we do this together.  Cheers to December 2012!  Smiles this week as follows:


As close to a red carpet as I’ll ever get!  Friends and fun at the grand opening of KGirl


I spied a cardinal sitting in the branches along my porch, but he would not let me get too close.


Walking home from work in the rain.  I like sparkly raindrops.


Stag candle from Patch NYC.  A must have for your holiday mantle


My first red Starbucks cup of the season…smile!


Watching my nephew play for my high school alma mater at Gillette Stadium, home of the New England Patriots…priceless.

Woo Hoo!  So proud of the Lynnfield Pioneers!


six smiles.

It’s baaaaackkk!  The holiday season.

What says “holiday” more than a big red satin bow?

Homemade place cards for the Thanksgiving table!

My nephew’s photo in the Boston Herald.  His team won the Cape Ann League Title…Go#7!

Tiffany & Co. window display at Copley Square in Boston

The expression on my little godchild’s face as her sisters lifted her up.  Captured!

Candy! while shopping on Black Friday

I’m thankful for all of my smiles!

six smiles.

I am happy to report that my children missed my ‘six smiles’ posts, as I have not written one in 2 weeks.  That is not to say there has been a lack of reasons to smile, however.  There have been plenty.  I hope October is treating everyone well, as we approach the final months of 2012!  Can you believe it?!

Team Lydon.  Our Making Strides for Breast Cancer walking team.  An inspiring story of a husband and wife from our town who each battled breast cancer and are survivors!  Their catch phrase? He got it, she got it!

Watched my nephew play for my alma mater’s football team.  Go Pioneers!  (Especially number 7)  Love those pink socks too!

My very own Captain America.  Keeping everyone here safe, especially his dog Remy!

Something I try to remember.  If you can remember this, then you know you have the ability light up a room!

I had to smile when a found this while looking through old Halloween photos.  Two years ago, we had matching vampires in the family!!

A really scary Halloween torch!

I wish you a frightfully fun rest of October 2012!