six smiles.

As I looked back over my photos from the past week, I had to laugh.  I have been all over the place.  Mentally and physically.  The best thing to do is just share a few of them with you.  Six smiles from one interesting week:

Roses are blooming in November along the path I walk to work.  Unusual, but I’ll take it.

Holiday hair bows!

A text from a dear friend, who loves me just the way I am – horrible voice and all –

My 5-year-old nephew’s self-portrait he drew in response to the question, “How are you feeling today?”  He placed himself on top of the Eiffel Tower and told his mother, “Mom.  I am a 10 today!”

The beautifully adorned altar where my son received Confirmation Thursday night

“Decked out” wine bottles at a Holiday shopping Expo, made by Stole ‘n Notions


six smiles.

July is quickly coming to a close, and August promises to bring more summer fun with it.  Summer is my favorite season and I try to soak up every ray of sun and fun I can.  This week a friend told me I was a great “Summer Mom.”  I laughed, knowing that I don’t like to venture too far in the winter – cold weather is not my thing.  Summer’s my time to shine!   Here are 6 things that brought a smile to my face this week:

~ balloons flying high over a friend’s 4oth birthday party~

~ Sunday morning sticky buns from Flour Bakery at Fort Point Channel, Boston~

~Sea salt soap from Lula’s Pantry, a shop filled with little luxuries on the waterfront in Rockport.  Exfoliates, heals, and smells like the ocean. Bliss.~ get it here.

~THE BEST BAND-AIDs for healing my skin after I survived a really bad mosquito attack on my ankles and feet~

~An unexpected nighttime tweet from a friend – because we were working together the next morning. Priceless.~

~ an intricately beaded clutch by Megan Park that arrived on my doorstep via UPS.  From French and Italian.~

Hope you welcome August with a smile!

put me in purple

I dedicate this post to my weekend because this is exactly how I intend to spend it:

Runs along the water, sunshine soaks, and sushi bars.

Ahhhh. Summer.

put me in purple

Dsquared short dress
£409 –

NIKE vintage t shirt
$28 –

Nike activewear
$19 –

Marc by Marc Jacobs string bikini
£115 –

Nike sports bra
$38 –

Manolo Blahnik thong sandals
$349 –

Havaianas flip flops
$26 –

NIKE wide shoes
$130 –

Annie Hammer amethyst jewelry
$488 –

Dangle necklace
$99 –

Timex sport watch
$36 –

Alba Botanica beauty product
$14 –

Deborah Lippmann Ray Of Light
£20 –

I was inspired by the stunning  amethyst rings sparkling at me from my inbox.  They are from PLUKKA at  Also, because I scored them from Barney’s ON SALE NOW, I can tell you the Manolos are fabulous!  We found the Marc Jacobs bikini ON SALE as well at Lord and Taylor.  It  looked amazing on my teenage daughter, so I had to try it on.  The gold accents will look great with that sun kissed skin you’re going to have ever so soon!  Happy shopping- always!!