six smiles.

I admit it.  The first week of FALL 2012 was not so bad.  Holiday clothing has arrived at work, and the back room is filling up with silks, plaids, and tulle!  Soon we will be steaming and fluffing dresses and layering boy’s dress shirts with ties, sweaters, and jackets.  First things first, and that means Halloween!  Lots of thought is being put into costumes in my house (even as I write,) and I am trying to decide….to dress up or not to dress up?  Last year as Lady Gaga may have been my finale.

 Our local newspaper…a new minister blessed the children’s backpacks as the new school year begins.  Loved this idea!

My “Welcome!” urn for visitors approaching my house.  (Newly filled for Autumn.)

My oldest turned 17!

Freshman field hockey team felt the much deserved thrill of victory! (and was treated to a team Burger King outing on the way home from the game.  Thanks Coach!)

Self portrait of my 9-year-old little man displayed at his school’s open house!  It’s so cool seeing what children see.

Thinking about Halloween costumes made me bring up last year’s gem. (for her “little monsters.”)



six smiles.

Largely responsible for keeping me smiling this week is the man named Charlie Chaplin.  Our family took a trip to New York City for a “once in a lifetime” experience.  We attended the opening of Chaplin, the Musical at the Barrymore Theatre.  Seeing a theatre show on Broadway is exciting in itself, but when a member of your family has created the show, well – it’s just plain  magnificent.  My husband’s first cousin, Chris Curtis, introduced us to the music he was developing for Chaplin in the Wayside Inn in Chatham, MA about 20 years ago.  Chris’ dream came true September 10, 2012, the opening night of Chaplin, the Musical.  The Barrymore was full, the crowds were loud (especially me,) and the red carpet studded with celebrities!  We could not be more proud of Chris and his achievement.  He co-wrote the book, and solely wrote the music and lyrics to this incredible show.  The life of Charlie Chaplin – who knew that it would be making me smile so many years later!  Bravo, Chris!!

At the Wayside Inn on Cape Cod – before I was married, and way before 4 children!  Chris’ dad, Alan (far left,) has since passed away, but was enjoying his son’s music as he always did!

…and 20 or so years later we all stand with Chris outside the Barrymore Theatre after the show!

The billboard in Times Square

The gorgeous Gotham Hall, where we enjoyed the after party – made even more special by the name, as my 9-year-old is a Batman super fan!

some of my gang with Rob McClure, who was brilliant in the role of Charlie Chaplin.

Waiting to get into the theatre…

If Chaplin, the Musical comes to a city near you, be sure to go!

 Tell them I sent you!

(that won’t really get you anywhere, I just wanted to write it.)

six smiles.

July is quickly coming to a close, and August promises to bring more summer fun with it.  Summer is my favorite season and I try to soak up every ray of sun and fun I can.  This week a friend told me I was a great “Summer Mom.”  I laughed, knowing that I don’t like to venture too far in the winter – cold weather is not my thing.  Summer’s my time to shine!   Here are 6 things that brought a smile to my face this week:

~ balloons flying high over a friend’s 4oth birthday party~

~ Sunday morning sticky buns from Flour Bakery at Fort Point Channel, Boston~

~Sea salt soap from Lula’s Pantry, a shop filled with little luxuries on the waterfront in Rockport.  Exfoliates, heals, and smells like the ocean. Bliss.~ get it here.

~THE BEST BAND-AIDs for healing my skin after I survived a really bad mosquito attack on my ankles and feet~

~An unexpected nighttime tweet from a friend – because we were working together the next morning. Priceless.~

~ an intricately beaded clutch by Megan Park that arrived on my doorstep via UPS.  From French and Italian.~

Hope you welcome August with a smile!