weekly photo challenge: change.

My kitchen.  It has seen 18 years of unrelenting traffic.  Its floor supported 4 infants in their tireless progression from crawling to walking. Its walls have witnessed family meetings, pasta parties, book club discussions, and family political debates.  Its walls are happy walls, having heard their share of life’s familiar sounds: garrulous gossiping of teenage boys and girls, cries of toddlers, rants from frustrated parents, relentless barking from a Goldendoodle.  Its oversized, now very distressed, farmhouse table has been loved to the point of its own exhaustion (one leg is barely holding on with a pathetic looking screw.)  It is a proud table.  Proud of its ability to hold plates and glasses and books, papers, and pencils, and 9- year- old boys.  My kitchen is a gallery of children’s artwork – all priceless originals.

My kitchen is about to change.

Walls are being torn down to make space for a kitchen a bit larger and much more efficient and able to accommodate this growing family of mine.  It no longer is home base for 2 adults and 4 children.  Children are quickly becoming adults over here, and we need more space!  As much as I am welcoming change – and believe me I am –  this kitchen has been good to us, and I will miss it in some ways for sure.



…Bring it on!



Daytrippin’: Newport, RI

Misty, gray weather could not take away from the majestic beauty of the mansions along the Cliff Walk in Newport.  The white sky worked to our advantage, as we could make out every detail of these architectural wonders of The Gilded Age.  If you visit Newport, be ready to give your imagination a workout.  We imagined that my daughter (14) could have sprawled out on rolling greens and read The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, (her required summer reading,) published in 1876.  She does not like to read at all, so we thought a little atmosphere may have helped her.  My little “reader” (12) would have chosen Little Women and been very content lounging in one of the interior bedrooms.  We chatted about being served fresh fruit for breakfast on the balcony overlooking the lawn and the ocean, if we would have “played” with our neighbors (comment from my little man – 9), and imagined being “courted” by a gentleman. (that was my thought)  I realized that I had left my camera at home when we were halfway there, so iPhone photos had to suffice.  Rain cut our trip a bit short, but my daughter wants to go back…to see the interior of The Breakers.  (On a sunny day!)

~Hence, the term “CLIFF Walk”~

~her interpretation of Rose from Titanic, with my husband as Jack.  Not quite as romantic as the movie scene!~

Just a peek

Inappropriate attire for a late 1800’s soiree!

~3 of my 4 children as usual.  16-year-old boys don’t like to travel with the rest of the family.~

There is so much more to see and do in historic Newport, it’s a must visit place.  Spend a night at one of the Inns and take your time strolling around.  Add it to the list!


1970’s.  My mother’s kitchen.  

The avocado green counter top was the perfect size for my brother, sister, and me to enjoy our bowl of something!  We were staying true to our personalities in this picture.  Brother not showing whether he liked it or not, and sister just happy that she was eating.  I have no problem showing my unhappiness with my mother’s choice of food for us.  I was the middle child; what can I say?  Anyone else in the middle?