weekly photo challenge: create

I created this image to give a shout out to a jewelry designer whose work I am currently swooning over.  Miguel Ases.  These are my earrings I wore for the first time today- created by him! (and I’m sure he has a talented team as well)

available at Jambu and Portobello Road.


I’ll have a run. “On the rocks,” please.

There is a stretch of road about 3 miles long in Gloucester, MA that becomes part of my summer running route.  The road is aptly named Atlantic Avenue, and boasts an incredible ocean view.

View from my run

This part of my world is also named Bass Rocks for reasons that will soon be evident to you.  I excitedly had my mother drop me off far from our little home on Good Harbor Beach so I could run my first beach run of Summer 2012.  Curious thing happened as a was running along.  I saw this:

rock tower

Cool, right?  Well, I didn’t think too much of it, until a bit later I saw this:

more rock towers

“OK.” I thought, “This is kinda funny.”  Sure enough…this was next up…

can you see it?

A bit father out than the rest.  At this point  I was laughing out loud.  It was then that I decided to turn around and take photos of the first rock towers I passed.  After all,  someone really devoted a lot of his/her time to this bit of artistic expression, and it begged to be shared with the world!

Not over yet!  Look closely at the next photo:

2 more!

These are a bit difficult to distinguish because of the rocks in the background, but there were 2 more rock towers!  Sadly for me, these were the last two that I could spot, but I enjoyed staring out into the rocks searching for more.  Nicely done, anonymous artist!  Bravo!

Alas, my sightseeing was not over.  I still has things to see along this run, such as:

a new beginning.


a sad ending.

Until I reached my destination:

Good Harbor Beach

At which point I ran along the sand, people watching, and chuckling to myself.  Quite an interesting run “on the rocks!”

~ ’till next time.

**p.s.  as I previewed this post I realized that the first photo in it (which I shot just for the heck of it) captured yet another rock tower!!!  Look closely.  Love it!

the fellowship.

Cover of "The Dot (Irma S and James H Bla...

Cover via Amazon

Today we took a ride to Dedham Center, MA to visit Blue Bunny Books, owned by author Peter H. Reynolds.  I became an Official Member of the Peter H. Reynolds Fellowship of The DOT™   I am sure that many of you have read this children’s book.  The main character, Vashti, discovers her creativity as she (filled with frustration during art class,) gives a plain white sheet of paper “a good, strong jab” with a marker.  The result of the jab is a dot, and the beginning of Vashti’s discovery.  Vashti signs her dot with her name, and then comes my favorite part of the story.  Vashti walks into her art class the next week to find her dot artwork set in a majestic gold frame, hanging on the wall behind her teacher’s desk.  This is the part of the story that spoke to me the most.  It’s the part that tells parents, mentors, or any adult involved in a child’s life this truth: the power of positive feedback is immeasurable. What Vashti does with her art skills next makes for a great story.

The book has been praised for inspiring creativity in people of all ages, and the mission of the Fellowship of the Dot™ is

“to find all the creative people on the planet and connect all the “dots” so that together we can move this world to a better place with some creative thinking.”  – Peter H. Reynolds

My first impression of this story was that the teacher plays the most important role.  She ironically remains nameless.  She coaxed Vashti to put something down on that paper, and after the dot was there, made Vashti feel as if she had created a masterpiece.  No matter how small an accomplishment may seem to one person, there should always be another person right there, telling him/her how great it is.  It’s what we are here for.  A good friend of mine once said that we are all teachers, and when placed in a situation where it may seem someone needs a little push, or a little lift, we should to be there to do it. This does not just apply to children, but to all people.  One of the rules of the Fellowship of the DOT™ consists of these words:

When you hear “I can’t,” help turn that around with some creative thinking!

This is where we come in!  When you hear “I can’t”  reply “sure you can!”  You may not be noticed as the person “cheering from the sidelines,”   like the teacher in The Dot, but knowing that you did makes it even more fulfilling.  Be that person to someone.  Better yet, be that person to everyone.

I, like so many others, thoroughly enjoyed The Dot and I have sold many copies to customers where I work because I believe in its message.  Everyone has special talents and sometimes it just takes a little coaxing to help those talents come to fruition.

If you haven’t already, pick up a copy of The Dot, and become a member of The Fellowship of the DOT™!

a masterpiece hanging on the bookstore's wall!

Blue Bunny Books

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