keeping on…

Transition. Flux. Shift. Moving on.

In life, this is a certainty.

We transition daily.  Looking into the past, we may see changes bathed in regret; the would haves…the should haves…the if onlys.  However, if enough time has passed, we may be able to see with clear eyes that whatever change we encountered helped us to grow in some way.

Looking toward the future we may see change clouded with anxiety.  The “what ifs” begin to create stories in our minds.  Often we become fearful of what may happen.  If we are truly living in the present moment – the present minute, there is no room for fear.  That moment instead is filled with strength and gratitude; with the knowledge that no matter what the next moment brings, we will keep moving forward.  You see, we human beings are resilient and strong.  We keep on going.  We are able to lean on the fact that every single human being is also “keeping on.”

Ultimately,  we grow through change.  We build empathy and therefore compassion.  We can use this opportunity to become kinder to one another along this journey that we all share.  No one is walking along this path alone.  Quite the contrary.  We are all connected.

Consider those moments between what was and what will be. Fill them with strength and the knowledge that whatever is coming is not to be feared.  When viewed with clarity,  it is merely that…what it is.

Welcome your transitions as gracefully as possible, and you may just find a bit more ease in your days.


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