Own it.

You have that voice that stands out in the crowd.  The one that everyone can hear and recognize and maybe even roll their eyes or chuckle at.  Own it.  You have the curliest, craziest. most unmanageable hair of all your friends.  Own it.  You are the tallest girl in your grade – taller than half of the boys… Own it.  You are the smallest, skinniest boy on the team – so what?  Own it.  Getting the picture?  The things that make you different and special,…these are the things I believe you should OWN.  Take them and hug them tight. Get to know them and  love them. Be proud of them, because chances are they are not going anywhere.  (And chances are that when you are 40 something, you won’t look back and regret that you OWNed them when you were younger.)

We all have those moments when we want to do something or say something or act a certain way, but we don’t.  We are afraid of the way others may see us, or think about us. Well, maybe, just maybe it is in these moments when we discover how strong we really are.  That we can overcome any fear about what we may look like or sound like.  In these sacred moments we can take what we have or what we want or what we think and OWN it. Then… maybe, just maybe it will be about how great we made ourselves feel when we finally found that courage.  Easier said than done?  Of course!

Let’s  take the sound of OM in yoga.  I chose this one because it is symbolic for me.  I have one of the worst singing voices I have ever heard.  This notion has been seconded and thirded and fourthed by many people.  It’s just bad.  When I first took a yoga class, I was so afraid to sound awful during the chant of OM, that I did not join in.  This happened many times, even though I really wanted to chant it.   According to B.K.S. Iyengar (a famous yogi), the OM symbol stands for the “realization of man’s divinity within himself.”  (How can you not want to chant this?) One day, before class started, I did it.  I decided to “Own my OM.”  I really did it.  I belted out that OM like there was no tomorrow, and guess what?  It felt great! I felt the vibration that everyone said I would, and I wished I had OM-d along with everyone else always….So many lost OMs that I could never recover….

This is what I believe:  no matter what your particular “OM” is – no matter what you fear others may think about it or how you don’t want to be different because of it…decide right now to make it your own.  OWN IT.  I can say with certainty that you will feel better after you do.  After all,  it’s what makes you “YOU” , and you are perfect exactly the way you are!  I believe it and so should you.

Hence, the name of my newest project:


(I know you’re gonna like yourself.)


One response

  1. I did not know that your singing voice had anything to do with OMing. Now that I know that, I’ll OM my ass off. Thanks for the info.

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