weekly photo challenge: change.

My kitchen.  It has seen 18 years of unrelenting traffic.  Its floor supported 4 infants in their tireless progression from crawling to walking. Its walls have witnessed family meetings, pasta parties, book club discussions, and family political debates.  Its walls are happy walls, having heard their share of life’s familiar sounds: garrulous gossiping of teenage boys and girls, cries of toddlers, rants from frustrated parents, relentless barking from a Goldendoodle.  Its oversized, now very distressed, farmhouse table has been loved to the point of its own exhaustion (one leg is barely holding on with a pathetic looking screw.)  It is a proud table.  Proud of its ability to hold plates and glasses and books, papers, and pencils, and 9- year- old boys.  My kitchen is a gallery of children’s artwork – all priceless originals.

My kitchen is about to change.

Walls are being torn down to make space for a kitchen a bit larger and much more efficient and able to accommodate this growing family of mine.  It no longer is home base for 2 adults and 4 children.  Children are quickly becoming adults over here, and we need more space!  As much as I am welcoming change – and believe me I am –  this kitchen has been good to us, and I will miss it in some ways for sure.



…Bring it on!



4 responses

  1. This kitchen does hold many happy memories, but I couldn’t be happier for anyone than I am that you are bidding a fond farewell to that room. Don’t be Kelly crying in the garage to say goodbye to her old Jeep, just because she brought her babies home from the hospital in it. Greet this new space with open arms for all the new
    memories it will bring. I’ll bet future generations will call it blessed. I surely will, and I know deep down so will you. It will be worth all the chaos and confusion about to occur, but who the hell cares! It’s going to be awesome!

  2. The McDonald Kitchen at 30 Brackett Street has been a wonderful and happy “Gathering Spot” for many years, B U T, this new kitchen is long overdue and will be creating its own wonderful memories going forward!! I know that it will be beautiful and “magazine” worthy!!! Good luck, Carolyn and Greg!! and Congratulations!!

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