daily prompt: back to the future

Just another day…

March 1, 2013

Dear Shane,

Yesterday the orthopedic doctor told you that you were not going to grow much taller.  To you that was really bad news as all guys want to be  6′ tall.  As one of my most favorite people once told me –  “it’s how the jelly beans mixed” –  it’s in the genes!  I am willing to bet that today, height just isn’t that important a part of your life.  You were blessed so much more than you realized with health, intelligence, and humor.  God gave you many gifts, and I know you have used them wisely and well thus far in your life.  My handsome young man, I love you more than words can say.  I hope your kids always fill your gas tank for you, so you don’t have 5 miles to empty when you start the car.

Dear Hope,

Hi there Hopie!  Yesterday was an interesting day for you, as you were diagnosed with a mucoseal.  Gross!!  Remember that painful lump on your lip that protruded into your mouth?  You know, the one that your father let you wimp out of getting drained…If I were with you, that thing would have been gone 15 minutes later!!  You know it.  I hope this message finds you a bit more courageous.  Oh yes, and I think Johnny Boychuk is still married to Sheena.  HAHA!  Love you girl.  Sooo much.

Dear Emma,

I was so happy that you enjoyed your first visit to your soon to be new school yesterday.  Ursuline Academy here  she comes!  I am so excited for you to begin a new adventure in your life and I know that you will be so happy there.  God answered our prayers with a great big Yes!!  My beautiful, sweet, dramatic Emma.  I love you so much. XOXO

Dear Chad,

My little man.  McBad.  Everyone’s friend.  Everyone’s buddy.  Yesterday, your Dad, who is so super good to you, took you to see your favorite Boston team (of the moment)  THE BRUINS!!  Although there was a slight mix up in the seats, all turned out well, and you saw a great game!  Of course you got a brand new cap too.  Only the best for my “Chad Man.”  I love you millions and millions and millions.  You already know that though.



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