daily prompt: time capsule:

This is a great prompt.  I was not going to stop moving today.  I had shopping to do.  I needed to finish decorating my house for Christmas.  I needed to get ready for tonight’s Christmas party.  I needed to wrap presents. Today I was inspired to stop, SIT, and reflect on 2012.  As the year draws to a close, here are my choices for 2012’s time capsule:

1. A copy of The Hunger Games – because when our mother/daughter book club read it, I could not put it down – because I was filled with anticipation for the opening of this movie.  I am not putting the DVD into the capsule.  Just the book.  Get it?

2.50/50 the DVD.  A movie so totally real to me, I was captivated.  More here.

3. My running bibs.  I ran more road races this year than ever before! Proud moment.  (I don’t really race.  I just run.)

4. A copy of my post : A James Joyce Moment.  So people know a little about how much I love and miss my father.

5. Yeup.  A copy of  5o Shades of Grey.  I know.  I know.  It just needs to be remembered.

6. Milton’s 350th birthday commemorative mug.  Go Wildcats!

7.  A copy of The Prophet  by Khalil Gibran– because it should be in every year’s time capsule.

8.  A copy of my post  me. thoughts at 2am.  Just in case anyone wants to know a bit more about me.

9.  Teddy.  My fifth “child.”  However, this would never happen because Chad would never give Teddy up to a time capsule.  So, I guess maybe a photo would suffice.  I’ll put photos of the other 4 in too, so people know what the most important part of my life is.

10.  The Playbill from Charlie Chaplin, The Musical.  A proud moment for the McDonald family…

11.  Homeland.  Anything Homeland.  Because every Sunday at 9:57 pm I plant myself in front of the television.


Grab a piece of paper and jot down what you would put in your time capsule.  You will enjoy the moment!


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