six smiles.

Sometimes it takes something big in life to happen, so that we are reminded of the little things that make life so special.  Because I work so close to home, I have let my “new driver” take the car to school 3 mornings/week.  Getting your license= big thing.  Walking to work = small thing.  I have found however, that this small thing I have been doing has been really good for me.  I breathe in crisp, fresh morning air and soak up the sights and sounds of my neighborhood – and it makes me smile.  Give it a try.

Channeling my inner “haute hippie” in my recent purchase from M29.

Doodles during homework -with my little man.  (I have a lot of teeth and he has a really skinny neck.)

Pumpkin painting as a form of therapy.  Notice the wonderfully detailed stem.  Took me hours.

Chillin‘ on the turf on one “beauty” of a fall afternoon.

Evidence that the field hockey team is nearby…

The spooky (yet charming) little “graveyard” I walk by on my way to work in the morning.

Happy Halloween!


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