six smiles.

I am late this week with my smiles, as my daily duties have not allotted me much time to reflect on my blessings this week.  As the weekend begins, I write this post with a bit of a heavy heart.  At  3:07 am, two years ago today, my father died peacefully surrounded by his family.  I dedicate this week’s smiles to you Dad.  I was, and I am ,blessed.  In so many ways.

Food photography is not my thing, but homemade chicken soup with rice on a raw and rainy September night definitely is.

The premiere of the new season of Homeland, and my favorite character. (photo from Google images)

A “goodnite” text from my teen daughter (after the presidential debate,)- complete with her political opinions.

Halloween hair clips made of ribbon from Preppy Peanut

One tired and angelic (for the moment) nephew who had one long day

A photo that Hope sent me as she is having a fun and foliage-filled weekend in Vermont.

Happy October weekend everyone!


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