March 21, 1971 –

12 Trickett Road Lynnfield, MA

Robin’s Christening Day 

I felt the need for a fashion flashback after visiting my friends at  Kenzie Kids and K Girl, the unique and beautiful children’s clothing boutique where I used to work.  So many things have changed in our world over 40+ years, and children’s fashion is one of them for sure.  There is no denying that we could discuss a lot of things about this photo,  (interior design for example, as some things changed for the better) but I want to be the one personally responsible for bringing back the lace tight for little girls!  Everyone, go for it!  Go to your favorite place to buy your children’s clothes and ask for lace tights.  Better yet, put in a special request!  Nothing inappropriate about these oldies but goodies.  Just old-fashioned cuteness on those legs!  All kidding aside for a moment, I love everything about the way Donna Mae styled my brother and me for my sister’s Christening day.  When I see little children dressed up for a special event, I get so excited not only because of the adorable factor, but also to know that they are learning that some things in life require a little extra effort (and most likely a little discomfort – from things such as tight bow ties and itchy tights.)

 Happy Monday everyone!


6 responses

  1. I love lace tights, but I don’t have a single granddaughter who would be willing to be caught dead in them…you look adorable in them, though. Used to have Kelly in them a lot, and even then she didn’t like them. Bob looks his usual handsome self, and you are just a more grown up adorable self. Pop and Nana did good work!

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