six smiles.

He did it again.  He won.  Good ol’ Father Time brought the change of seasons no matter how hard I tried to fight him.  It is officially Autumn 2012 on Saturday, and I am ready to embrace it.  Bring it on!  Football games and marching bands.  Chilly weekend mornings sweetened with glazed blueberry cake donuts and steamy mulled apple cider.  It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and The Halloween Play are two of my annual favorites.  There are also Homecomings and Thanksgiving, and  counting our blessings.  So many things to look forward to…  I’m ready now.  I have to be!  It was the last week of summer, and I still found my smiles…Hope you did too!

Written by my neighbor when he was in 2nd grade, and displayed at his surprise 50th birthday party.

My photo does not do it justice.  I pulled over to snap  a photo of  this beautiful “end of summer” sunset.

Watching his big sister’s first official high school field hockey game!

A little gem of a bakery we discovered in Brookline called  Tatte.  I loved the photo of the owner’s grandmother, the person who taught her how to bake.

A bucket of fun for fall decorating!

Bought these from Free People for 2 special girls this week.  Super cute and the stores have lots of colors and textures to choose from.  Great accessory for your side braid girlies!

Yes, everyone.  “HAPPY Autumn to you!”

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