six smiles.

Labor day has come and gone.   Remember though, it is still summer!!  Don’t rush into fall yet.  Wait before you plant those golden mums.  Hold out a bit longer before you pull those sweaters down from the top shelf.  Keep that frozen yogurt comin’!  Two more weeks people!

As far as summer holidays go, I have a neighbor who never fails at making me laugh.  He and his family moved into the neighborhood after we did, and made it a way more fun place to live.  He’s always moving, always busy, always “vertical” is what I tell him.  He says one thing every year to me because he knows it drives me crazy.  When the 4th of July is over, he says, “That’s it.  Summer’s over!”  He chuckles because he knows I cringe when he says it.

Let’s make the rest of summer the best that it can be!  As for me, here are some things that made me smile this first week of September, 2012. (it was not my neighbor, although he did make me a great cheeseburger at a cookout on Monday.)

Chad’s (9) budding entrepreneurial skills paid off.  He and a friend ran a lemonade stand and split the profits!

I already posted this photo here, but it was worth another post.  He was so content reading amidst the festivities all around him.  The watermelon just makes it extra special because I love watermelon so much!

I met the newest member of my sister’s family.  Introducing…Miss Pinny Gig.

The youngest of my nephews, Uly, was warming up for his ride in The Brookfield Classic.  Can’t beat that lush green Vermont backdrop!

A lot of eating and relaxing going on in Vermont at the New World Festival!

a perfect handpicked bouquet of summer flowers.

Remember.  Enjoy these last weeks of summer, and share some of your smiles with me.  You can find six things that made you smile this week.  I know you can!


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