six smiles.

We spent the entire last week in Los Angeles, so this will be difficult to do.  There is so much to smile about when I take a family vacation.  Here are some little things that made me happy.

flying high en route to the West Coast!

Daily coffee from Cora’s and daily bright blue sky!

The most amazing honey vanilla latte from Urth Caffe.  I smile just thinking about it.

This was more of a laugh out loud moment as I couldn’t help but think it was directed at me.  Nice job Barnes and Noble!

Best cupcakes hands down!  We need one in Boston in a hurry!  Sprinkles ice cream shop opened next door, but it was packed with people!  I had the S’mores cupcake…Heaven.

A sign on the campus of USC.  I just love what it says.  Made me think.

OK. OK.  I have one more.  Seven smiles this week!

Diddy Riese cookie ice cream sandwich (in Westwood.)  We enjoyed these after our visit to UCLA.  Only $1.75 each!

Have a wonderful week!  School starts for us in 2 days, so I am unsure of how many smiles I will get from my children this week!  Chin up!


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  1. I especially enjoyed your “other” family member while youw ere all “smiling” away in Callie…xox. Also, would’ve LOVED one of those “Diddy Riese” cookie sandwiches you wrote about!!!

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