six smiles.


It’s “Back to School” on August 27th and I am not ready.  I am not ready for schedules and homework and early morning awakening.  Luckily, the next week of summer is the week of our family vacation.  California, here we come!  I’ll keep you posted on any good stuff I come across!  This week,  smiles were brought to me by…

This is really happening!  The best part?  We will be there on opening night in NYC!  Family perks!

Just when I thought my garden had given up for the summer, these lovelies came into bloom.  I didn’t expect it because I had just planted the bulbs in early summer!

My 16-year-old son will be a junior in high school in September.  This week he completed a college course on screenwriting at Harvard University.  So proud of him, because I know it wasn’t easy!

These curls would keep anyone smiling…except little Rowan!

This always makes me feel better.

California Dreamin’!

  Have a great week!



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