weekly photo challenge: wrong


Ummm.  here goes…

1. playing on a mattress outside

2. playing with my little sister and her friend on a mattress outside

3. my hair

4. my socks

5. my shoes

6. my outfit

(there is more but I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.)



4 responses

  1. Honestly, the picture is beautiful. It is a reminder how pure and happy our childhood days are. Yep, I wore stuff that I think are wrong…fashion sense wise but back in those days, weren’t they cool? Remember the 80’s? I used to slide on old mattresses with my sibling pretending it’s an indoor slide.

    • Thank you. I laugh at these old photos, and in my heart I know how truly happy I was. Thank you for commenting! Oh, and yes! I do remember the 80’s for sure!!! mini skirts and lacy ankle socks!

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