six smiles.

The much-anticipated (at least in my house) “Shark Week” starts tomorrow, and many eyes and ears will soon be tuned in to The Discovery Channel.  I can’t believe the channel has run this special event for 25 years!  My children think that they discovered it.  In honor of its arrival we threw a kickoff party for Shark Week, and the weather cooperated wonderfully.  Love, love, love these hot summer days!

Smiles for this week…

the breathtaking interior of the Boston Opera House, where we saw Billy Elliot– fantastic!

“selfie” of my little man after his first buzz cut.  (I was anxious only because his bangs were like a security blanket)

Candy Sharks for the party

“We’re not afraid of no sharks!”

Ava’s chocolate-dipped strawberries. Recipe here

Karina walked to work today, and picked me flowers along the way!

The countdown to our family trip to L.A. is underway!  Happy Weekend!


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