1970’s.  My mother’s kitchen.  

The avocado green counter top was the perfect size for my brother, sister, and me to enjoy our bowl of something!  We were staying true to our personalities in this picture.  Brother not showing whether he liked it or not, and sister just happy that she was eating.  I have no problem showing my unhappiness with my mother’s choice of food for us.  I was the middle child; what can I say?  Anyone else in the middle?


5 responses

  1. I thought my avocado green kitchen was THE BEST kitchen EVER!! Lots of great recipes (courtesy of Gus Saunders) and delicious meals created there! One happy family gathered in that little space!

  2. I’m with you, Donna only our kitchen had avocado green appliances and the ever present gold formica counters. Don’t think the food was as good as yours, but I thought that kitchen was the coolest. We even had an avocado green floor. By the way, I LOVE that picture. Good job, Cal.

  3. Haha! Mimi, I think both spots hve their drawbacks. I think you’re problem was partly because you didn’t have a brother. You did all the boy stuff and had to be the oldest too. Bummer. I think the person who makes out the best is the baby of the family. Although I am sure some of those people will disagree. Ask Cindy Brady of “The Brady Bunch!”

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