easy on the eye- and the mind.

Style and trends.  Hair, nails, and makeup.  The perfect jeans for your figure.  The perfect sunglasses for your face. The perfect shade of red for your lips.  The nail art craze.  Should your fingernail and toenail polish match?  The 10 wardrobe basics.  What and how to pack for a vacation.  (Let me clarify:  Is it a weekend getaway, a trip abroad, or a “family” trip?  All of these things should be taken into account.)  The list, questions, and answers seem never-ending.  I find myself  utterly frustrated, clicking and clicking on links until I am so far deep into a website that I don’t remember what the name of the blog was that I started reading in the first place.


As I was perusing my Reader on WordPress this morning, I saw some photos and I thought to myself, “You try too hard.”  The stack of unread magazines in my bedroom says so. (filled with the latest trends in fashion, beauty, and of course how to keep fit and healthy.)  My neglected Pinterest boards say so. My Tumbler account, silently nagging for pictures to fill the month of July says so.  All of these things that I put pressure on myself to do seem dedicated to an unattainable image that so many women strive to achieve.  To look pretty, to know and keep up with fashion trends, to stay in shape, to keep motivated, to be a good mom, to be a good person.  To be all of these thing at the same time.  So.  Much.  Pressure.  

Refreshing.  Plain refreshing.  That is how I describe the photos from  The Sartorialist  that I want to share with you It was not a coincidence that I found these today, as I am feeling overwhelmed; trying to make the right wardrobe choices and plan for my upcoming trip to Los Angeles.  The pressure was on to look hippie chic at Venice Beach,  fun yet comfortable at Disneyland, glamorous for the photo-op in front of the  HOLLYWOOD sign, country chic  for the Farmer’s Market, and businesslike without being stuffy  for visiting colleges.  The crown jewel?  The outfit for a family photo on the Santa Monica Pier, wind blowing through my dress and hair, perfectly primped children, dashing husband…all smiling as we  capture the perfect Santa Monica sunset.

Hello?  Reality check?  It’s not going to happen.

Truth is, I admire the people who are able to write and photograph their own fashion blogs, because if I were doing it, I would feel even more pressure than I already do just reading them.  I enjoy posting about fashion occasionally, but without stress.

If you are feeling at all like me, my advice to you is to click on over to the The  Sartorialist .  Click Search and search  Women (or Men) for more “makes you think” photos like these.  In his photos, in someone’s face or clothing or scene- somewhere- you just might find a bit of “you.”  Be refreshed at the simplicity you may find as you recognize yourself in someone else that walks the streets without a makeup artist, hairstylist, and cameraman an arm’s length away.  That’s the best part about these “on the street” photos.  No staging, no sets, just a gifted photographer with a great eye.

These are photos of  women who kept their style simple, and I love them all.  No neons, no brights, no trends screaming out at you.  Just beauty.  Thank you for capturing these moments Mr. The Sartorialist.  They are perfect.  Uncomplicated beauty in my eyes.

Photos, top to bottom: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6


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