Daytrippin’- Duck Style

We here in Boston are known for our swans.  One of the most famous and popular tourist attractions is the Swan BoatsThe Public Garden is home to Romeo and Juliet, two swans that grace the small pond year after year, as visitors of this picturesque spot take the short but unforgettable ride on a boat manually peddled by someone sitting behind the swan.

That’s nice and all, but Chad and I prefer “Duckin’ it” in Boston.  We like the Duck Boats.  Perhaps the words don’t evoke pretty images like the “swan boats”  do.  For today, the Duck Tour was the way to go.

By the way, Boston is also well-known for its ducks.  Specifically Mr. and Mrs. Mallard of Make Way For Ducklings.  Mallards, depending on the gender are usually a mix of brown and  green.  Their looks cannot compare with those of a pristine white swan.  As a matter of fact, the Mallard’s brown color could be compared to the water in the Charles River.  Like that song  “love that dirty water…Boston you’re my home.”  Mallards are like commoners in Boston, and Chad and I like that.  No “high falutin” swans for us today.

Boston fun fact #1.  The water in the Charles is not dirty.  It is high in tannins.  Like tea.  We all know what color most tea is when we pour hot water over it.  There you have it.  You learned something with me.  Ignore the song please.  No more dirty water here. We’re good.  (At least that’s what PJ our tour guide said.)

Enough about the Mallards vs. the Swans.  Chad and I put our tourists hats on.  I donned my camera- strap around my neck, and we waited in the 95 degree sunshine to board our coral colored duck: Commonwealth Curley.  Boston fun fact #2: Our Duck was named after James Michael Curley  who served 4 terms as mayor of Boston and also was Governor of Massachusetts.

Once on board, we out-and-out lied and said we were from L.A. because our tour guide  P.J. (aptly dressed in pink pajamas and pigtails, with teddy bear in tow) said that she makes fun of Bostonians who take the tour.  After a bit, we told her we lived 8 miles away, and she was so amused that she let us stay for the ride.   PJ was informative and hilarious, and did not lack that Boston charm; you know- the old- “It’s wicked hot out, and I’m so tie-yiddd . (tired)  I even had 4 cups of Dunkin’ coffee today! –  maybe it’s the Bailey’s I added!”

Joining us on our boat were tourists from Germany, Ireland, Nebraska, and Florida.  An interesting mix we were.- but man did we get the hang of  quacking on cue!

Check out Duck Tours in cities around the country.  These amphibious vehicles are a great way to see the sights.

Boston fun fact #3:  Central Congregational Church in Boston’s Back Bay was  built out of our state rock: Roxbury Puddingstone.  I had no idea we had a state rock!  Pretty cool stuff.  Geology lovers, check this out.

Boston fun  fact #4:   (P.J. told us) The year that Duck Boat  named “Red Sox Nathan” was launched ( early 2004 ) -the Curse of the Bambino was reversed, and the Red Sox won their first World Series in 86 years.  Wicked Good Stuff ,Huh!


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  1. I love these history soaked blogs…after all the trips we took to the Swan Boats, I guess we should have take the Duck Tours after all!

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