dancing flame.

Night sometimes brings to life an unusual plant whose gleam decomposes furnished rooms into clumps of shadow.

~The voice of things. Francis Ponge.

A fine line exists between my love for and my obsession with candles.  Start burning a candle and my world become a bit more heavenly; a bit more serene.  When the scent of a my favorite candle wafts its way to me, my senses are soothed.

I take refuge in the power of the single dancing flame, as it sits burning steadily amidst the clutter and noise of my busy household.  Candles are one of the little things in life that make me happy.

I recently attended an evening cocktail party at a friend’s house.  We share the same affinity for candles.  She openly admits that she is obsessed, and I love her for that.

Dyptique’s “Fig”- my all time favorite.

it captivates.

the glow

not yet lit

I am not a lover of very flowery scents and I think most of the candles in the following list will be appreciated by both men and women.

Candles I love, and are at least worth a sniff! :

Dyptique: Figuire, Bais, Pomander (great for the holidays as well)

Jo Malone: Grapefruit (perfect for the kitchen)

Lafco: Breakfast Room

Red Flower: Moroccan Rose (this one’s girly)

Bonpoint: the unique scent of this candle reminds me of the times I spent in a shopping daze in Bonpoint, Boston.  My 14-year-old daughter (then 2 years old) remembers the scent, and loves this candle as much as I do.  It smells exactly like the boutique used to.  Sigh.  (For old times sake.)

Holiday scents:  Votivo Joie de Noël, Lafco Berry and Tree

Check out BAIS CANDLE: an editor’s pick here TODAY!


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