color me crusty.

Unless you are talking about bread, the word “crusty” can cause one’s mind to conjure up some pretty nasty images for sure.  Having had kids and TV over the past 10+ years, the first image that pops into my head is “The Krusty Crab,”  Mr. Krabs‘ restaurant in Bikini Bottom.  Home to the ultimate  burger- the Krabby Patty, flipped by none other than THE SpongeBob SquarePants.

Crusty is how I felt after this race.

Color Me Rad came to Boston, and man was I excited!!! A 5K run that was going to paint me beautifully…like a work of art.  Well, the day has come and gone, and I have a few photos to share until the professional one comes back.

The color spray that the runners get doused with is a corn starch mixture which magnificently forms a caked on, pasty mess when mixed with sweat.  I’m not seeing anything pretty about this.  I am no work of art, that’s for sure…

nice nose. Kinda like a toddler with black boogies.

nightmare on “my street.”

stunning “droopy drawers!”

The run was fun, but if you are planning on doing it when it comes to a city near you  let me know. (I’ll give you a few tips!)

P.S. I spared you from the image that looks like it’s straight out of the movie “Carrie.” Maybe for Halloween.


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