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Located 18 miles north of Boston, Marblehead, MA is a New England town steeped in history, and a spectacle of beauty begging for exploration.  It’s quaint, crooked streets are like a maze, lined with historic homes-one after another.  As you wind your way through this maze you may find yourself gasping at the simple beauty you find along the way.  Walking along  these tiny, narrow sidewalks and dreamily gazing about makes me yearn for a simpler time.  I say simpler with the understanding that without doubt life was more difficult in many ways when this town was settled.

I took my daughter and her best friend. (- Emma and SheShe.- the pair we fondly nicknamed “Peanut Butter and Fluff”  because when they are together, you can bet that one of the two is acting a bit “fluffy.”) We headed north for a bit of history, and a lot of laughs.

Marblehead.  The Streets:

Hollyhocks. So old fashioned. So pretty.

Emma trying to sneak into a pic.

The Stores:

Liberty, Henry, &Me. A great shop “Inspired by the Yachting Lifestyle”

friendship bracelets from Liberty, Henry, & Me

Does this count as a protein?

Fort Sewall:

We walked and winded our way through the streets so much that we ended up without a clue where we had parked our car.  The girls decided to let me go it alone and “run” back to the car while they sat and admired the scenery a bit longer.  Luckily I dressed for a morning run that I never took, and so off I went.  It took me a little while to find my way back, but I did it!  We made it home in time for dance class, a baseball game, and sunset in Boston.

Boston sunset from Quarry Hills, Quincy.


**Two fabulous Marblehead shops to check out (without children:)  Jambu  and French and Italian.**

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