Summer on my mind.

Weather in Boston

Flour Bakery, Boston, MA.

This is perfection to me.  This, perhaps with a dip down to a low of 75°.  Clouds are fine, no matter the shape, even though I am aware that clouds have meaning, Mr. Meteorologist.  My answer to the people who look at me strangely and ask, “but wouldn’t you miss the seasons? : NO.   I do not believe that it would get boring to have the same weather year round.  I do not believe that you need to “experience” the seasons year after year after year after year…Truthfully, I am beginning to experience anxiety about the approaching end of summer.  Yes, I am.  On July 12.  Sad. I don’t want a beautiful red Delicious apple to remind me of “back to school” and teachers and classrooms.  I don’t want to get Halloween costume catalogs in the mail yet.  I don’t want to see “Fall Previews” in the fashion magazines.  I will have none of that.  I will live in denial that the summer will ever end.  I like it that way.


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