call to the bullpen; it’s the 8th inning.

Day 8 of Operation Beach Body – 10 day whole body cleanse, and it’s time to warm up the relievers.

Harvard Square in Cambridge, MA is a fun and interesting place.  Shopping, restaurants…it’s an epicenter of knowledge, teeming with diversity.  My eldest child is taking a summer course, and tonight we trekked the family down Storrow Drive and onto the grounds of Harvard University’s hallowed halls. We found a parking space (not an easy feat, but a great SNIPE by yours truly,) bought the books, then nestled ourselves into a great little spot outside on a wall so that we could do some serious people watching.  Oh, and I could watch my family savor every bite of an Upper Crust pizza.

Hiding my depression over the fact that I couldn’t enjoy it with them, I sauntered on into Crema Cafe and ordered myself a spinach salad.  Ho Hum.  Ho Hum.  So sick of salads I am.

I really don’t wan’t to eat you.

but I have to.

It’s difficult to order a salad and glance down at these:

It’s even more difficult to watch your family eat these:

“Come on…Are you serious?  I don’t want anything green right now,” I thought as I chewed, and chewed, and chewed those veggies.  ” I want something red and white and crispy.  I want something that really crunches when you bite into it, like pizza crust crunches.  That’s what I want.”  BUT…I was as good as gold and stuck to my guns.  There is one thing I do have to say though:

“Call in the closer coach, ‘ cause I’m almost done.”

bottom of the eighth epsom salts soak


2 responses

  1. Oh, you are such a good girl…bet you can’t wait for the day when you can eat all those good things, and never again a salad!

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