“1st inning” – operation beach body.

I’m getting this one in right under the wire.  11:50 pm.  Thank goodness Day 1 is in the books.

I have read about toxic people.  I have watched the Oprah on toxic people.  I even know a couple of toxic people.  I am not a toxic person.  At least I never considered myself to be until I started to cleanse the “toxins” from my system.

June 18, 2012 – top of the 1st. 

“Oh no” is all I can think as I have just consumed a 2 am snack of soy nuts with a side of unsweetened homemade passion fruit iced tea.  I always, always, always sweeten my iced tea.  That’s it.  Goodnight.

Strange feeling I awakened with today.  A bit like the feeling I had last week when I ran the Milton 10K cold turkey.  No looking at the route beforehand, no training for a 10K.  Had no idea what was coming around the next corner.  That, my friends, was not a good idea.  Yes, I bought all of the food qualified as “good choices,” for this cleanse, but I neglected to look at the planned menus that were handed out to us.  That being said, I wasn’t sure what my next meal consisted of, so as I made my  1 egg + 3 egg white omelette, I scraped every tiny piece of egg from the sides of the pan, and picked up each piece that fell out of the pan and put it back in.

Flintstones chewable multivitamin -Check.

1 cup berries – no problem.  Decaf coffee without whole milk and white “kiss of death” sugar?- problem.

Did the gym/cardio thing.  That worked out fine. No issues there.

bottom of the first.

If you decide to do something like this…beware the caffeine withdrawal headache.  It started at approximately 3pm, and my world became progressively foggier until the headache was a perma-ache, and I could no longer think.  “Maybe a decaf coffee would help,” I thought (because I had heard that even decaf contains a little caffeine.)  So I snuck off to Marylou’s and ordered a medium decaf vanilla hazelnut with skim milk.  Evidently everyone in Boston right now is drinking iced coffee, so the nice girl decided that was what I wanted too.  After realizing her mistake, she informs me she’s “outta haught.”  (translation: out of hot.)  OK, then, I’ll take iced.

 It was just gross.  Couldn’t drink it.  Not even with the Agave Nectar that I added.

I ate practically all afternoon, sticking to the recommended foods.  I was sick of chewing by 6pm.  All I wanted was to go to Tedeschi’s and buy the caramel pretzel crisp meal replacement protein bar.  This is just work, all this food prep and stuff.  One honkin’ bar holds me over for about 3 hours.

But I was remained good.  Until:

7pm.  The caffeine withdrawal fog was so thick that I washed my hair with conditioner.  I realized that as I was trying to blow dry the greasy mess.  That’s it.  Dunkin’ Donuts, here I come.  I savored every sip of my small coffee, lite with milk and sugar. ( That’s whole milk and real white, sparkly, deadly sugar.)  Drank that, then took an Alleve, and…

end of the first.  Yup, I cheated.

i thought for sure this would be easier.


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