Operation Beach Body- “Batting Practice”

Yeeeuuppp.  I am embarking on a whole new venture for the next 10 days.  A “whole body cleanse.”  I have always been leery of these, because the people I have seen doing them have been

1. suffering

                            2. drinking crazy concoctions like lemon juice with cayenne pepper – and that’s it.


3. giving up.

Woo Hoo!

This one will be different.  It’s a “feel good” cleanse, run by the gym that I belong to. (Fitness Unlimited)  It has a diet component and an exercise component, and it lasts 10 days.  Hopefully I will learn how to make smarter food choices, and substitute real food for those protein bars that I am always snacking on at work.

Instead of boring you will all of the details of the cleanse’s diet and exercise, I intend to write a post for each day.  This should be interesting.

I entitled today “Batting practice” because I was getting prepared for the game.  I went to Whole Foods Supermarket and came out broke, but well-informed.  Hopefully now I can visit my local grocery store to restock on fruits, veggies, and, of course, those proteins!

I just have to remember to take that multivitamin once a day.  Pressure.

I love those ladies!

Pregame Show  – Batting Practice:


2 responses

  1. I’m excited about doing this too. Headed to yoga this morning. Looking forward to a long walk with Isabelle this afternoon!

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