destination: AQUATRO GALLERY.

As you make your summer plans: vacations, staycations, day trips ,road trips…  I urge you to trek up, over, or down to Boston’s North Shore. Specifically Rocky Neck, Gloucester.

During the 70’s my parents would hire a babysitter for my brother, sister, and me (not that we minded as we were spending the month of July on Wingaersheek Beach) and they would head on over to Rocky Neck.  My mother described it as a really “hopping” place in those days.  I revisited yesterday with my mother and daughter, and was entranced.  Restaurants, art galleries, ice cream shops…(A Kiss on the Neck was the most clever name for the cutest little ice cream shop.)  It is early in the season, and most of the “Neck”  reopened just 2 weeks ago, but there was excitement in the air.  No denying this is a hidden gem.

Most visitors to the North Shore may think first about the beaches,  Rockport, or downtown Gloucester.  I love all of these places, and each one provides its own unique atmosphere, but there is no escaping the charm of Rocky Neck.

The “find” of the evening for me was a gallery named AQUATRO GALLERY, which is new to Rocky Neck this season.  Drawn into the door by the pretty prints of brightly colored tunics on display, I then fell  for the artist’s (  handmade, one of a kind scarves-so whimsy and colorful.  My mother and I each bought one.  I am determined to figure out how to wrap the scarf around my head like she so effortlessly did.  It looked amazing, and adds the perfect pop of color to an outfit that just needs that “little something.”

I took this picture from the gallery’s WordPress site.  (see link below)

Mom bought the fish scarf on the top…to my dismay, as I spied it first!

Check out AQUATRO GALLERY on WordPress for more wonderful “objects of my admiration.”  Jewelry, pillows, men’s ties….I could keep going, but you really have to see the photos and meet the artist.  Can’t wait to go back when the temperature starts climbing!

The lovely artist herself, wearing one of the tunics that beckoned to me!


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  1. Dear Caroline, Cal, it was lovely meeting you, your mom and your daughter! We hope you”ll be coming back as we have new things nearly every week. And, dare I say it? There’s a few sprigs of mint – in the plant outside the gallery – with your name on them for a freshly muddled Aquatro Mojito. Thanks for the blogpost!

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