me. thoughts at 2 am.

1.  I have always, for as long as I can remember, preferred a night “in” as opposed to a night “out.”  I don’t consider this to be antisocial.  I just like to think.  Admittedly, I avoided peer pressure this way in younger years, but still thoroughly enjoyed myself.

2.  Growing up, some of the greatest afternoons of my life were spent in my bedroom with my “boom box” stereo, waiting for my favorite songs to come on,( at which point I would do a flying leap across my room in time to hit the “rec.” button on the tape deck.)  Without fail, the song was either cut off a little, or you got a little bit of the weather forecast if you didn’t press “stop” soon enough. Then for months after, the DJ’s voice was like part of the song…

3.  I don’t watch TV at night except for baseball games.  I get up and leave the room in the middle of shows or movies…and don’t return.  It annoys my family.

4.  I was emotionally and permanently scarred in junior high because I had really bad hair.  To this day, I cringe at the words “fuzzy” and “bushy.”  Enough said.  I can’t talk about it.  (my kids say those words to see me cringe — mean.)

5.  I prefer foods that are mushy  and bland.  Not many people get it.

6.  Someday I want to do a standup comedy skit on the car wash vacuums.  I can’t believe it hasn’t been done yet.  People move fastest when using them.  I have cuts on my hands to prove it.

7.  My husband and I coach a “virtual team” in life.  We have fully assessed most of our family and friends to determine if they would be on our team or not.  Its great.  We have a good team, always adding, sometimes cutting.  Nothing personal…the best man in our wedding didn’t make the team. (and we love him.) Try it…it’s a fun way to learn about people and the qualities they possess.  For example, you may know more than one good “leader” in your group of friends, but which leader do you want on your team? is the question! (Sorry Jim, Greg will talk to you about it later.)

8.  I can’t suck on lollipops or hard candy and I can’t lick ice cream.  I chew everything…weird.  

9.  Never had a beer.  Tasted a sip and stopped there.

10. Shopping makes me happy.  Yes, a little too happy, but whatever.

11.  I miss my father every single day.

12. Hockey is too fast, and the scores are too low.  Basketball is too showy, and the scores are too high.  Baseball is just right.  Hockey players, however, are the coolest of the bunch. (huge generalization)

13.  I wish that every child could have a fort in the bushes and pretend that acorns are food, pine needles are utensils, and rocks are tables and chairs.  Dirt floors are the best.

14.  I wish that wet grass and bare feet (when mixed together) didn’t freak me out, because I remember when I couldn’t get enough of running through sprinklers.

15  Be kind to one another.  Really.  Just do it.

16. I think Willow trees are absolutely perfect, and I can’t believe how an object so beautiful could make me so melancholy.  Interesting.

17.  I wish that every child could run home from school through the woods alone, filled with excitement and news to share with her mom (who would be home waiting to listen.)  I had that.

18. I was thinking about how my high school had a pay phone.  And the looks the kids in line would give you if you made them wait too long for their turn.  Taught us common courtesy without even knowing it.

19.  I am a loner- in a good way.  Always have been, probably always will be.  Got that from my Dad, and don’t mind keeping it.

20. I love my children, but they are not my possessions.  They came to this life through me, and I am here to help them build their foundation in life, enjoy them, and not stand in the way of their dreams.  Encourage.  Always.

21.  Heavy creams are better than light creams for your skin.  Totally false statement, but I’m sticking to it.

22. Bit o’ Honey is my favorite candy, and when I buy a bag, I usually eat the whole thing.  Really quickly.

23. Chewing on ice is the best.  My dental hygienist disagrees strongly.

24. Listen. Listen. Listen.  You will learn great things.

25. Pray.

26.  Kids go through phases.  Everything is a phase, and when you think you can’t stand it one more minute, it will end.  A new one will take its place.  Be patient.

27. Smiles are the absolute best.  Share yours with the world.

28.  Never underestimate the power of feeling safe.  At any age.  Make your home a safe place.

28a.  Never underestimate the importance of grandparents.  I could go on for a long time with this one.  Many of my fondest childhood memories are of time spent at my grandmother’s house.

29.  Open your doors, people will want to walk through.  Can’t get much better than a mix of ages sitting around a table talking.  Make that your table.

30.  I buy my children clothing that fits “now”.  I never thought that buying them something to “grow into”  was a good idea. When it finally fits, it’s been washed and worn so many times, it doesn’t look nice.  Your child won’t even want to wear it anymore.  You will probably be sick of it too.  Unless, of course, it’s a lilac quilted Burberry raincoat and the price has been slashed to like 70% of the original.  She can totally grow into that.

31.  I am not preppy.  I can appreciate it on other people, and sometimes I am drawn to a preppy piece of clothing, but in the end it never works.  Pearls look terrible on me.  I have tried.  Some things just don’t work out.

32.  I want to like scallops, I really do.  I can’t figure it out.  They look great, especially pan seared ones.  They smell good when they are cooking.  I think it’s a texture thing.  I can’t bite into them.

33.  I need sunshine.  It’s a brain chemistry thing.  Living with an Irish man who enjoys the rain, and is unaffected by weather in general has made the past 18 years difficult at times.  Those times that you just don’t want to get out of bed and face a rainy gloomy day…again.

Speaking of bed and sunshine, it’s time for some sleep.  The forecast for tomorrow is SUN!

Thanks for staying up with me…

Weeping Willow tree at the Boston Public Garden


7 responses

  1. What a beautiful way to start my day!! Your beautiful post and SUNSHINE, too! By the way, I didn’t realize how you feel about scallops. I feel exactly the same way! Only seafood I really don’t like! “Mother/Daughter Togetherness”! I LOVE it!

    • We are so cool. I gotta break it to you Mom…I don’t know if you are on the team. You might be for your cooking skills, but I will have to discuss this with Greg. Also, you may have been at one point, but your social calendar is pretty well packed. We can’t have players who go to Pilates class instead of the games. Might have cut you. HEE HEEE!! Kidding. LOVE, me

    • Mimi, remember, it’s nothing personal! Jimmy Monti is the best! You are on the team because every team needs a player who is well read and knowledgeable about a varied about of subjects. Also, we always know whose team you are on! Extremely loyal to the team… A player who would definitely “take one for the team.” That’s you!! Greg and I have heated discussions about our team. Especially when we are waiting at weddings or other social events!! non judgmental, just what is best for the team! I think perhaps the real question for people should be,”Do you even want to be on Greg and Carolyn’s team!!!!!” HAHAHA. love ya 😉

  2. Cal,

    As always, GREAT article & very well written. WHY you aren’t with a publisher……I don’t know. As to your points above? #8 & #9? Same as me 100% along with #23. Now if Donna didn’t even make your final 53 man roster if it were a football squad, I won’t even ask if I got a tryout. 🙂

    However, I’ll take Donna on my team any day of the week…..and twice on Sundays. You, Remy, Greg, your pearls & his pearly whites can keep the kids on yours……and Johnny Boychuk 🙂 (sorry Greg…..couldn’t resist when I saw her FB mention of your teeth & not even having to go see the dentist anymore).

    • HAHAA! Come on. Donna doesn’t have time for a team. She is a consultant. Thank you for the confidence boost. Pop told me to write a book…maybe this is my way of doing it. Not sure if my kids are on the team…Kidding cause I have to be of course! Love them to death. Caroline and Hope and Emma could possibly cheer to One Direction songs from the stands!! REMY? Who is Remy?!! Also, my roster is not that large; or my budget for that matter. Speaking of which…can we afford you? XO You may be a good addition because you are so well informed…

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