My small, safe world.

The Plinky question is: What place seemed much smaller after coming back to visit again? The answer is: my world.


This one is so easy for me, and I am so excited to write it!! Growing up in the small town of Lynnfield, MA, I lived on a road that had it’s own paved path leading to the elementary school that I attended. Huckleberry Hill School. Just typing the name makes me happy. I loved that school with all of my heart. I have memories of sitting in my favorite spots, like in the hallway outside of the media center where the sun streamed through a floor to ceiling window. I would sit there and read during our library hour, bathing in the warm sunshine. I remember vividly standing in front of the class reciting the continents as fast as I could in 4th grade- and winning the contest for being the fastest! I remember the reading nook of my 3rd grade classroom, and how I used to prop myself up on the vent of the heater on cold days to keep warm. Lastly, I remember the words “Walkers are dismissed.” and throwing my chair up on top of my desk only to run outside and bound down the hill to my road and home again. My world seemed big but truth is…it was small and safe. Needless to say, when I visited Huckleberry Hill about 20 years ago, I felt like a monster trying to sit in those tiny chairs. I could not fit my legs under the desk! I guess it never was a big place, but in my heart and mind it was; and it always will be!

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