“Pop’s glowing!”

When my mother and I walked into the store to pick out the stone for my father’s grave something caught my eye.  It was a “solar-powered” cross that you place on the gravestone, and  after exposure to a day’s light, it would  illuminate at night.  “That’s so pretty.” I said to my mother.  We asked about it, and the man who worked there told us that they didn’t work.  “Take one,” he said.  “They don’t work.  People have complained.”  So I happily took one, just because it reminded me of my father.  “Thank you!” I said.  I kept it in its box for a while, and one day took it out and placed it on the windowsill in my bedroom, just to see what would happen.  I was disappointed to find that the cross did not glow.  “The guy was right.” my daughter said.  I admittedly agreed.  The cross remained in my window for a few days because I thought of my father when I looked at it.  He always signed his name and put a cross next to it, as a reminder of God‘s love for us every day.  He unfailingly believed in God’s unconditional love for each of us.

One evening, not long after, I walked up the back staircase in my house and into my dark bedroom to find the cross was ever so slightly glowing!  It worked!  I called everyone in to look at it, and everyone came running, smiles lighting up my bedroom.  “Look!” I said, “Pop’s glowing!”  Its glow has grown into a beautiful light, that fills my window at night.  Tonight it looked so pretty I took this picture to share with you.  It’s the reminder that keeps us smiling.

Hope… never give it up.


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