i don’t get it.

I should be in a really good mood this sunny Sunday morning.  Really.  I woke up without an alarm and was able to get a manicure and pedicure at the little salon walking distance from my house.  My 16-year-old is out getting some food with his friends, and my husband and the 3 other kids are at a basketball game.  But…I just can’t seem to wrap my head around what is going on in my house right now; and basically I can’t pinpoint what it is about my voice that my children can’t hear.  The best way to explain this to you is with a tour of my house this morning.  I’ll just have you take a look around with me:


This is my guest bathroom.  Notice the proximity of the half-used roll to the completely-used roll.  Pretty close, right?  Is it that hard to change the roll?  Really?

nicely done.

These are the cupcakes that my daughters made last night while I was out.  So pretty.


And this is what I’m looking at this morning.  Huh? I don’t get it.


This is just one of about a million water bottles I find all over my house.  The bottle is more than half full, and because nobody put a name on it, I don’t know which child to blame.  This will sit here until I pour the extra into my dog’s water dish, and recycle it myself.  Believe me, whomever belonged to this water is DONE with it.

lone sweatshirt

Awww.  This poor little sweatshirt must be lost.  I think it’s trying to find its way to my son’s room, and it just can’t quite sprout those little legs…I mean, wouldn’t you want to be part of this party?:

party in Shane's room!

 Woo Hoo!

clean vs. dirty? your guess is as good as mine.

There’s always the party on the 3rd floor with the girls’ clothes…

These socks almost made it down to the basement.  I’ll get you guys.  No problem.

Can you spot the difference here?  Evidently someone was “playing ball in the house” while I was out last night.  I was never really in love with those anyway.  I just bought them to decorate my house for my father’s memorial service- that was only one of the most special days in the past 3 years.  Just broken glass.  Again, no problem. (until someone steps on a sliver of it because of the lack of effort put into the vacuuming job, and starts freaking out at the sight of blood…Then I have to pull a bloody piece of broken glass out of a screaming child’s foot.  Been there.)

You will be happy to know that I spared you the picture of the un-flushed toilet in the master bathroom.  I figured just telling you about it is enough.  You’re so welcome.

Now that I have taken you on this great tour of my house this morning, I actually feel a lot better.  I think I’ll just ignore it all and take a nap.  Oh yea, I spotted this on my walk around, and I have to say…

I still love them!

But sometimes…

  I just don’t get it!


3 responses

  1. Thanks for the tour,lady. Very funny! Easy for me to say,I know. I understand why it would be aggravating to deal with all of that,but I think I like that more than a house where nothing is out of order. It looks like a house that things happen in…and I know they do. You have such a nice family. Enjoy your nap!!

    • thanks Joanne.Oh yeah,things happen here!Thanks for being one of my fans. I have my own facebook page now! Its called Lifewithcal and you can link to it thru my page.Ifigure I won’t bombard all ofmy friends with posts unless they want to read them! Like me!!

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