I’m Going Steady!

I laughed out loud when I got an email from Birchbox celebrating my 6 months of membership with them.  It stated that the company and I are now “Going Steady.”  I have not heard that term in so many years; I don’t even think I used it when I was growing up.  It reminds me of  Joanie loves Chachi for all of you Happy Days fans.  If you are a person who likes to try new beauty products, and loves experimenting with the latest beauty trends, then Birchbox is the site for you.  After 6 months, I am glad Birchbox and I are still together.  Hopefully we will have a long and fulfilling relationship.  In honor of my new partner, I want to share some of my favorite products with you.

The Lash Card:

My first thought when I saw these was that it would be a waste of money.  I was wrong.  The idea behind the card is that it keeps mascara from smudging onto your eyelids and under your bottom lashes.  It covers you eyelid so you can go over your lashes with the mascara wand multiple times, which I loved.  The Lash Card  has 2 different curves so you decide which size fits your eye the best.  I really was able to keep coating my lashes more than I usually do and got rid of any clumps easily.

Two Paperdolls Coasters:

Again, I was a bit disappointed when I opened the box to find coasters.  Why would I buy these from a “beauty” website.  I have, however, grown quite attached to the one I keep on my bedside table for my morning coffee.  As a matter of fact, I am ordering a set of these today.  They are whimsical and come in fun colors…just nice to have around!

Jouer Lip Enhancer:

My addiction to lip products started back in high school when I always kept a tube of  Blistex in my bag.  My husband, whom I met in college, says this is one of the things he remembers most about meeting me  -the fact that I always had my Blistex with me, ready to reapply. I love the medicated lip balms and the lip plumpers that make your lips sting.  I don’t know why, maybe it feels like they’re working when they tingle.  Jouer’s Lip Enhancer  moisturizes without feeling sticky.  Added bonus * it plumps your lips at the same time.*  No tingle though.  But that’s probably a selling point for a lot of women.

Harvey Prince Yogini:

For this product I have to quote from the Birchbox website:

” Harvey Prince designed the mood-elevating blend of exotic essences and oils to counteract stress and keep us zen throughout the day. It’s the fragrance equivalent of yoga class.”

“The light, clean fragrance features top notes of purifying sandalwood, refreshing grapefruit, and sensual Egyptian myrrh. Subtle cues of golden amber, incense, and star jasmine turn each spritz into a mini aromatherapy break.”

All I know is that I love it, and people have complimented me on the scent, which never happens to me…except for when I wear my signature scent by Bond No.9

Jouer moisturizing lip gloss in Birchbox Pink:

Lip gloss is tough, and if there is one thing I can’t deal with its sticky lip gloss.  This one is not sticky, so right away it scored points.  The color is cute because it was developed for Birchbox as their custom pink shade.  Yes, it looks very bright in the tube but goes on pretty and sheer, and can be layered for more color.  Moisturizing too!

Birchbox and I do have a great relationship, and it has been 6 fun months together.  I hope you check out the website because it is definitely worth $10 a month to get large sample sizes of products you may find you really like.  It’s also fun to find that cute little box on your doorstep every month!
One more thing:  I just gifted a Birchbox to my mother for her birthday.  It is such a great gift idea.  She’s going to love it!


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