February afternoon in Boston’s North End

It has been a long time since I enjoyed a stroll through Boston’s North End.  Today I had some time to walk around and bask in the sites and sounds of my Italian heritage that make the North End so special.  Where else but in a “little Italia” would you find evidence of Christmas still decorating the streets?  I spotted silver garland hanging from windows and fake poinsettia welcoming you into restaurants with window boxes still filled with holiday greens (browns is a more appropriate description at this point)  An image of the Virgin Mary hung in an archway,  green and red lights as Her adornment.  Yes, we Italians find it so extremely difficult to let Christmas go.  Personally, I find something uniquely charming about this fact.

I snapped a few pictures from my walk down Hanover Street:

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As you can see, there are also quite a few churches, and I visited one religious store which turned out to be a hidden gem.   I bought 2 really cute prayer books for my little man, 1 book about forgiveness, and 1 book about Lent.  I’ll keep you posted on those!

A visit to Hanover Street is never complete without a trip to Modern Pastry for 2 ricotta pies.  My neighbor’s and my family have an unwritten rule.  Whoever gets to Modern Pastry, needs to buy 2 pies…1 for themselves and one for the other family.  So 2 it was!  Props to  the famous Mike’s Pastry too, because they make my favorite pistachio macaroons.  Out.Of.This.World.  They’re even better because they’re green, and my kids won’t touch them!  Green food? Never.

After a thoroughly enjoyable walk, I made it to my destination:

Such a great place! I can’t wait to share my experience in the photography studio with you.

So much to see and do, so little time…

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