the child in black.

Because I have worked in children‘s fashion for quite some time, I feel the need to address something that I hear very often.  I heard it from a customer yesterday as a matter of fact, most likely prompting me to write this post.

“I hate it when children are dressed in black,” “Why do people dress their children in black? I just don’t understand it.”  

People usually state this with such conviction that I do not bother to argue with them. However, I am actually a big fan of black on children.  It is not a coincidence that black and white photography has made a huge comeback, especially since my eldest child was born 16 years ago.  If you look at a black and white photo of anyone, child or not, you will see what I see when a “little person” is dressed in black.

When I see I child in black, I see a flawless, radiant complexion.  Eyes shine even more brightly and fill with expression.  Hair  becomes more beautiful, as blondes look almost ethereal, and dark hair fades into black.  The focal point is the face, and what is more perfect than the face of a child?

Why do you think one of the secrets to child photography is to get as close to your subject as possible?  (Because they can’t look bad!)  Add a little black, and viola! Perfection!

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  1. loved the comment and those pictures are precious…don’t people know we depend on you to tell us what to buy for kids? and you are, as usual, absolutely correct.

    • i completely agree with you. Another reason why I would love to visit London and Paris! I love the way people dress their children. So different from here in the states. I would love to see picture os your children! Always looking for inspiration. Are the kids willing to wear it too?

    • Susan. I also lovedddddddd Bonpoint when it was here in Boston. Now you have to go to NYC for it. They make a line for older children now possible only girls, but I am not sure. LOVE. The only problem now is that my kids won’t wear it…a big problem!

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