weekly photo challenge: “peaceful”

I fell in love with stargazing when I was in elementary school.  My father was one of the chaperones of a field trip to the high school football field on a cool night in the fall.  I remember being bundled up and  holding his hand as we walked together with the class; so proud to be with my Dad.  After all, most of the time it was the Moms on the field trips!

I don’t know exactly what made me love it.  It could have been the feeling of complete relaxation that I felt as I lay against the cold, hard ground, protected by my warm jacket and hat.  Maybe it was the sheer beauty of the sky flickering with tiny white lights.  Maybe it was because the whole night just seemed so magical.  Every time, without fail, when I catch a glimpse of a clear, starry night sky,  I remember that field trip.  I remember how great it felt to be me.

So there you have it, the reason why I believe that the person in this picture must be feeling it too…Peace.


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