to my children

To My Son

I will not say to you, “This is the Way; walk in it”

For I do not know your way or where the Spirit may call you.

It may be to paths I have never trod or ships on the sea leading to

unimagined lands afar,

Or haply, to a star!

Or yet again

Through dark and perilous places racked with pain and full of fear

Your road may lead you far away from me or near-

I cannot guess or guide, but only stand aside

Just this I say:

I know for every truth there is a way for each to walk, a right for each to choose, a truth to use

And though you wander far, your soul will know that true path when

you find it.

Therefore, go!

I will fear nothing for you day or night!

I will not grieve at all because your light is called by some new name;

Truth is the same!

It matter nothing to call it star or sun-

All light is one.

-Unknown author

I have had a book in my possession for many years, and today I opened it to read some of the poetry.  I saw some pages folded over and wondered if I would still like the poems that I liked 10 years ago. I found the answer to be yes, and this one especially made me happy.  It made me happy because I realize that my thoughts while teaching my children so many years ago are same as they are now.  I hope this poem strikes a chord with you in the way you view the children in your own lives.  I was merely the vehicle for my children to enter this world and a guide for them in their younger years. They are always with me, and always will be, no matter where the sun shines on them.

“All light is one.” 

Poem from Poems That Live Forever, Doubleday ©1965


10 responses

  1. Such a pleasure to read your posts, Carolyn. This poem could have been entitled
    “To My Daughter” as well, as I relate to it’s message Enjoy every minute with all of your children for it fleets by so quickly…..

    God bless and keep them coming!

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