It’s weird.

For 18 years, 11 months, 24 days, 13 hours, and 51 minutes I have known that he would be home soon.  Maybe in a day or so; maybe a week.  Whatever it was he would be here soon enough.  Well, something just changed, and it’s good change, and I welcome change.  Today, however,  in seat 5B flying over Cheyenne, CO en route home from Los Angeles to Boston,  I thought to myself: “Wow.  They were right.  That was fast.”

College.  He is not coming home for a long time.

Why Tree pose then?

Your foot stays rooted in the ground, and you find your balance as your breathe and reach your arms to the sky in growth.  Sure, your body may sway a bit like the branches do in the wind.  As you keep smooth and steady breath, you allow for those movements through the spaces you have created around you.

On top of the bluff, I see the expanse of Los Angeles in front of me.  I am confident that this young man who came into this world through me is ready to journey on; to fulfill the dreams he has created for himself.

And so then, to my son…

May you at first be still and root yourself into the new ground that you walk upon.  May every inhale bring you peace, and every exhale send your kindness and compassion out into the world.  May you find balance in your new life as you grow your own branches with a quiet, confident, open mind.  May your branches sway when winds of change arrive, and when you lose your balance, may you get back up and stand strong once again.  May you realize the power of standing tall and proud, and may you’re heart always be open and shining toward whatever lies ahead.

Love, Mom


L.A…Be good to my buddy

L.A…Be good to my buddy


a minute’s enough.

On the playground.  At the oceanside. In the pool. You’ve heard it before… “Daddy, watch me!”  Simple words that sum up the heart of a child.  Wanting to be seen and heard and understood and smiled at- all at the same time.  I was the same way. I wanted him to be proud of me, never wanted to disappoint.

Pink sings it, and if you haven’t listened to it, I wish that you would.  Beam Me Up. A minute’s enough because I just have a few questions.  Can you see me? Are you proud of me? Are you happy? – I love you.

Yes, please. Beam me up.  A minute’s enough.

Bearskin Neck- Rockport, MA  Summer 2014

Bearskin Neck- Rockport, MA Summer 2014